Katie & Brook
19 Roy Street, Tawa

19 Roy Street, a fabulous family home, tucked down a very nice street parallel to the main drag in central Tawa. The home had been lovingly renovated and offered great family living in a great location.

We made quite early contact with Brook and Katie, and through a series of regular skype calls they kept us informed of their progress in getting things ready, sought feedback and suggestions, and proved voracious readers of our blogs.

One of the things discussed with Brook and Katie was photography. They were already well attuned to quality presentation and it was an easy decision for them to invest the money in proper photos. Even so they were stunned at how the property looked in the photos.


When they were finally ready to launch to the market Katie and Brook were careful to plan the release - the property didn’t sneak onto the market, it launched with a bang. Everything was organised, ready and coordinated.

And it showed.

We had immediate activity coming out our ears!

The property was offered for sale by negotiation (so we did not quote a price) and just over a week later we had a contract in place after competing offers from multiple buyers.


The chosen offer was subject to a couple of conditions - one of which was a building report. This identified an issue with the roof- we knew its age and reasonable state of repair, but the report identified a couple of more hidden concerns. Normal angst prevailed for a short while. However, we were able to chat through the concerns with Brook and Katie and the purchaser - everyone was on the same page and wanting to be fair and reasonable. What was great in this situation is that buyer and seller got one quote well when they met at the open home and a subsequent viewing. So, rather than arguing between lawyers or us even having to act as middlemen a quick discussion between Brook and the purchaser solved the problem.

Brook and Katie are now off to new work adventures in the big smoke, happily sold!

What were the lessons here?

Firstly, as Brook and Katie were very aware presentation makes a difference. Clean, and tidy, straight lines with minimal accoutrements as best. And to have the best initial presentation to buyers, we say it again - photos matter! What could we have done better? We probably could have avoided the angst associated with the building report, even though it was solved relatively quickly. A pre-sale building inspection which could have identified the roof issue so it could have been rectified prior to taking the property to market.

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