What’s it worth?

So you’ve decided to sell (or you’re seriously mulling it over). The first thing to do is get an idea of how much your home is worth.

One of the best ways to do this is to get an appraisal. This is an estimated selling range based on the attributes of your property, recent sales in your area and the properties that are currently for sale close to you.

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We tell you the capital & land value of your property, and our recommended selling range. We show you other comparable properties that are for sale in your area. We show you properties recently sold in your area, and what they went for. We graph for you how prices have been moving over time for your suburb & street.
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At 200 Square, we don’t visit your home to prepare an appraisal - it’s all done online via published data from your council, Real Estate & Government bodies and the buyer websites. We’ll ask you for any information you think might be relevant (let us know if you’ve redone the kitchen!) and we’ll give you an accurate and unemotional picture of the real value of your home, based on the data available.

Our appraisals are also different from what you might be used to in a couple of really important ways. First off, there’s no high-pressure sales tactics - no-one sitting in your lounge pressuring you to sign an agreement. Our appraisals are also available online any time you’d like - all you need to do is fill in the form.

Trap for new players

Be careful to check your appraised value is realistic - compare a few agencies, and don’t just go for the highest number. A sneaky real estate trick is to overestimate the value of your home, and then convince you to lower the price once you’re locked in. Remember to also work out how much will end up in your pocket once you’re sold - those percentages can really add up!

It’s also worth checking with your bank and letting them know you’re planning to sell. This should be a formality, but it can’t hurt to give them a heads up and get any requirements from them out of the way (like early repayment penalites). You’ll probably want to visit them to chat about your
new place anyway!

Get your face on

Next we’ll get you all set to go.

Address-anim House-screen Getting your property listed on 200 Square is this easy.

First things first - Pick your Marketing Plan

We have three really great marketing plans available, from as little as $199. Remember: We don’t get paid our commission until your home is sold - if it doesn’t sell, we don’t get paid. There’s also no commitment - the power should be with you, so you can cancel any time (we just ask for 7 days’ notice). You should want to stay with us, not be forced to!

No need to dress up.

You can sign the Agency Agreement online - all you’ll need is your Credit Card (just to check your ID, no charge!) or a copy of your Driver’s License or passport. You can do it your PJs, we won’t know. Once you’re signed, you’ll get access to your Seller Dashboard on the 200 Square website. This is your command & control center for your sale.

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We always get our owners to take the first shot at writing the sales description for their home - after all they know what it’s like to live there! Don’t fret though - we’ll edit it afterwards to add the professional touch. There are a few specific things that buyers like to see, so we’ll be sure to add our secret sauce.

We’ve also prepared a ton of tips for presenting your property to best effect - suggestions for how to declutter or get the best street appeal. This is actionable advice for you to use to get the best price for your property.

At this point, we should get you prepared to make a big splash with your beautiful house. One of the most important things to remember here are your photos. If you’re an up-and-coming pro you can take your own, or you can order professional photos inside your Seller Dashboard, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Show the world!

Ready to go!


Now it’s time to show the world and start attracting those buyers. When you’re ready (and not before) you can click the “Publish” button inside your Seller Dashboard and we will announce your home to people ready to purchase.


We’ve got you covered.

The first thing that publishing will do is get your ad ready for Trade Me and Realestate.co.nz. Your ad will appear there within about a day (all done by clever computers, so you don’t have to wait for the office lady to get around to it!) You’ll be live on www.200square.co.nz the minute you press the “Publish” button! These days, over 80% of buyers use online listings as their main source of information so that’s why we pay for your ads on these websites - we’re here to get you sold!


Online marketing - done right.

We have all the promotional bells and whistles ready for you - signage, newspaper adverts, featured Trade Me listings, even websites especially for your house, or ads on Google, all ordered for you at the click of a button!

We get great real estate rates from most suppliers and pass the savings on to you. There’s no pressure here - we’ll work with you to create the most effective marketing and advertising strategy for your house.

See what’s going on...

Here’s where our online tools really shine!

You can check what’s going on with your sale, no matter if you’re a night owl, early bird, or if you’ve only got a couple minutes left on your lunch break. You can also get in touch with us for advice, or order extra marketing - you’re in control.


Your 200 Square agent keeps you up to date with what's happening.

Detailed analytics show you how your listing is performing.

Your leads are tracked and available for review.

View all recent activity on your listing.

Easily add additional marketing.

We’ll send you a summary every week

No need to nag someone or play phone tag to find out what’s happening. Your online seller dashboard shows you a simple graph of potential buyers looking at your online ads, an event feed of everything that has been happening, and information on buyers and where they’re at. You can see what we see, all your information is open and available.

and act on it!

Tailor your listing for great results.

Photo added!

If you want to make a bit of an extra splash, you can order some bonus marketing at any time.

Or, if you need to change your description or add that great photo of the sunset that you took last night, it’s only a couple of clicks away.


Best of all, we won’t try to push you toward an agency magazine or expensive pre-purchased newspaper spreads. We’re focused on what marketing is effective at promoting your property, not our faces or our agency.

We’re also online experts - and over 80% of buyers look online first, so you’re in capable hands.

Selling your home is about being proactive, and sometimes your strategy needs changing. We give you expert advice and guidance every step of the way, and we won’t hide or sugarcoat anything. You can make the best decisions for you. We’ll give you the options and make suggestions, but in the end, you decide!

Sign on the dotted line

It's all led up to this...


We use the standard legal agreement for the sale and purchase of real estate as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) and the Auckland District Law Society. This is the same contract used by all real estate agencies in New Zealand.

We document the buyer’s offer on the right forms, and we’ll take care of the negotiations. It’ll be handled by an experienced agent, and they’ll explain the implications of any conditions and ensure that you get the best price. Remember - the price is important, but having someone around to ensure all the conditions, dates and other terms are one hundred percent correct is super important.

Above all, we work for you - the seller. Our job is to get you the best possible price, on the best terms, in the shortest possible timeframe.

All the way to sold!

Time to celebrate!

You made it...Congratulations!

Once the legal stuff is all done, we’ll forwarded the contracts to your solicitor so they can do the conveyancing (that’s the legal ownership transfer), we’ll organise deposits and then you can plan your move. Wahoo!

Congratulations, not only have you got your property sold for a great price, quick-smart, you’ve got all that money you saved on a fat traditional agent’s commission in your pocket! You clever clogs, you.

So, ready to get started?

Get a free appraisal now!

Here’s what some of our customers say:

Why would I pay 4% agent fees when I got a great sale price and such wonderful service from 200 Square. Thanks for everything!”
Raj & Family - happy 200 Square Sellers
We were shocked that traditional agents wanted to charge $20,000 to sell our home. A friend of a friend put us onto 200 Square and their low rate of commission. We're so pleased we sold with 200 Square, they were fantastic — it was a really satisfying experience.”
Katie & Brook - happy 200 Square Sellers