Time to say goodbye

So you’ve made the decision to sell.  Great.  Now it's time to say goodbye to your home.
The best thing you can do to make the process as smooth and painless as possible is emotionally detach from your home as soon as possible.  The objective is to sell it at the highest price in the quickest time frame.  
The buyer doesn’t want to buy your old home – they want to buy their new home.  Your buyer needs to able to visualize themselves and their possessions in the house – they can only do this when the space is clear, clean and tidy.  This means you need to de-clutter both inside the house and outside in the garage, and the garden.
Visualise a show home - you don’t want the property devoid of character, but neither do you want it so full of your personality that the buyer cannot imagine themselves in it.  Think of it as your pre-pack. Go through and empty each room, then do the clean, then only put back in what is needed to "stage" the room.
A bathroom should be sparkling, mold free, taps polished, a new toilet seat (keep it down), and fresh bright towels hanging or folded and ready for use.  
The lounge should again be emptied, scrubbed, and then put back only enough furniture to show the purpose of the room (a sofa, a chair or two and a coffee table).
All games, magazines, knick-knacks and photographs should be boxed up and put away. Remember the aim is to sell your home fast - you will be unpacking again in no time if you do your prep work first and start boxing up now!

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