The Ultimate Lifestyle: Classic Country Living - Priceless Family Memories

4 Deborah Rise is the comfortable, welcoming, home of a wonderful couple we'll call Fred and Ginger. 
Fred is a very proud retired farmer who takes great stock in the health and wellbeing of his 6 cows, a fullgrown jersey bull, 20 sheep, 3 chooks and one very protective silkie rooster.  Of course this means the paddocks are in prime condition with an excellent fertiliser history. In his spare time (something most farmers do not admit to having) he has created a large and flourishing organic vegetable garden which is amply protected from all wind, with some very healthy fruit trees and a grape vine.  
But Deborah Rise is not just about the outdoors.  A home based business is run from an office in the centre of the house - right across the foyer from the front door. Ginger enjoys checking emails with the morning sun streaming in. She tells us that its location central to the entire house means that anyone in there never feels too distant from everyone else but can have complete privacy simply by closing the door. We think it means she can keep an eye on Fred!
We asked Ginger to nominate her favorate room.  That was an easy one, the family room and kitchen - the hub of every traditional country home. And what makes it her favorite is just what you would expect from the classic family home - warm family cooking smells and memories.
The family room is warm and cosy in decor, but open plan and roomy.  With the kitchen to the side it is the hearty country cooking aromas that make it complete - freshly baked bread, farm roasts, farm bacon and eggs, home-made pies you name it. Ahhhh, hear it, smell it.
Family is a huge part of Fred and Ginger's lives.  The family room is where everyone gathers on a Friday night for the regular family get-togethers.  It doesnt matter whether its birthdays or some other celebratory excuse, a big family is drawn in from all parts of the North Island. In winter of course there is the fire, the ample brick surround adding to the classic country atmosphere. Of course the first thing on the agenda is coffee and cheese scones straight from the oven. As more people gather and sofa space runs out people just spread out on the carpet. Noise and laughter abound of course. For Ginger its all about creating that traditional secure and happy family environment.  As she says "the kids are surrounded by family photos, family warmth, family values, and get that sense of belonging that can often be missing in modern lives, you can't put a value on that".  
The normal routine involves the seven young grandchildren eventually being put to bed upstairs and settled by the mothers while the rest go into the billiard room where festivities of a different character take place. The bar, the billard table, need we say more. Of course the stories are always true and there is never any one-upmanship over cigars and brandy on the deck outside.
The next morning seven little pairs of feet join Grandpa on the chookrun, with Jess the dog tagging along of course. Fresh eggs, bacon, coffee for breakfast and the day starts again.
Of course there is the need sometimes for a respite from the hurly burly of family. Ginger loves the serene evening views down to the lake and over at Taupo town and Acacia Bay. The lights at night are distant enough to appear as a galaxy of twinkling stars but close enough to feel secure and connected to civilisation. 
4 Deborah Rise is a special place for Fred and Ginger - room to spread out without the demands of a full size farming unit, a home well loved as a focal point for family, with all the room and facilities to cater for and create those cherished and special family memories.

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