The Sunday Drive is Dead

We knew it was true, so great to have additional research to back it up!

A New Zealand Herald article highlighted a report from Roy Morgan Research into New Zealander’s habits and activities. Some key statistics:

  • 83% of all Kiwis have used a computer at home in the last month
  • The most popular leisure activity is spending time on the computer
  • 57% of Kiwis have shopped online in the last month
  • 54% of Kiwis have used Facebook in the last month

We’re an online nation and getting more so. The leisure activity with the biggest decline - going for a drive. The days of the Sunday family drive are dying - and petrol prices are only part of the reason.

When selling you have to be where the buyers are. So setting up the Open Home and hoping ain’t too smart is it? The evidence is buyers are online. So, in bold caps, to emphasise the point:


Obvious next point - how then to look good?

  • Photos - good ones and lots of them. Professional photos are the best real estate marketing investment you can make.
  • Price - buyers prefer to know your expectations. BEO, POA, PBN, or whatever - BYO turnoff for buyers. The first question, if they haven’t already passed on, is always “what’s the price?”
  • Address - you can’t sell a secret. Location is the most important criteria for buyers - tell them.
  • A decent description - tell the buyer about living there, get the facts and emotions out. The 8 word sentence telling the buyer to call for more information is a turn off, about as old school as the Sunday drive, and deserves the same death.

They’re in order of importance as well as far as we’re concerned. Happy to argue that if you like!

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