The Little Things Count

The little things count, the devil is in the detail, pay attention to the small things as they make a BIG difference in the impression a buyer has of a home.  
Basically anything that hints of a lack or, or poor maintenance, can suggest a broader lack of care of the property.  And you don’t want that ball-and-chain reducing the sale price of your property. 
So now is the time for the home handy man to come to the fore - a (not exhaustive list of things to check):
  • Fix loose door handles
  • Check window latches
  • Ban leaky taps
  • Test and fix sticking draws
  • Glue down wall paper that is starting to peel
  • Replace broken light bulbs, electrical outlets and switch plates. Remove any shelving and other make-do storage units and touch up the walls behind them.
Step outside the front door and clean up the garden. Weed, mow the grass, trim hedges and get rid of the rubbish and bits and pieces from around the property.  Repair any fencing and touch up paint if needed.  
Take a good look at your front door.  If your paint job isn’t looking fresh  -  now is the time to fix it. A coat of paint on the door is a quick update that has huge sale impact.  Get rid of any sad looking plants and pots around the entrance and add a new door mat.
Wash the exterior of the house, clean the windows, remove the spider webs. Finally, if there is an ant problem, or any other unwelcome insect/animal/pest, deal with it now. And be grateful for the ease of doing that in New Zealand. One house we lived in had a raccoon living under the front deck. Imagine trying to encourage him to leave when it came time to sell!

2 Comments on “The Little Things Count”

  • Chris said:

    ....added a New Decking' internal doorway to extend the access in the house..having the roof repainted/ is very low a very excellent condition...great road side appeal....good location to local shops/library/Medical Surgery/Hotel.etc. Great sunshine from daybreak to sunset..and views over the village to the local hills and farms.....

    Posted 24 th May, 2014
  • Major Singh said:

    Awesome! simple and valuable tips. Thanks!!

    Posted 13 th April, 2016

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