The Dance of the Black Widow

Ok, I might get into trouble on this post.  But what the hell, live dangerously!  
I suspect there are bunch of ladies out there that would love to be a Black Widow spider at times.
Why? The female Black Widow spider is known to kill its male partner after an elaborate courtship and mating dance. The male desperate to succeed in his mission, but all the while planning and executing an escape with his life, if not all his limbs, intact. Doesn't sound anything like the blokes I know and I am not stupid enough to comment on the ladies.
Ah, lets move on shall we.....
The connection to real estate? Well this sounds a lot like the life of a property buyer, if you ask me.  
What do buyers want when they are looking to buy a property?  The research shows they want lots of photos, clear pricing, and an address.  Why – so they can do their research in peace!  Buyers don’t want to talk to real estate sales people.  They don’t want to be hassled, or pressured, they want to look at a property, do their own analysis at their own pace.  That’s why many buyers today will not get into a sales persons car – if they do they know they are going to be trapped.
And what do they often get?  Real estate advertising that is all about promoting the sales person - essentially saying to the buyer - "look I've got the property you want, so call me".  Give the minimum possible information about a property, but provide a big bold cell phone number.  Some real estate companies have a policy not to include addresses – why, because if they put an address and the buyer didn’t like the house he might not call the sale person, so they would miss out on the potential buyer.  That’s why you see street signs with little or no information, and addresses missing on internet and newspaper adverts.  All designed by and for the sales person to try and force the buyer to call them.  
Many of these are adverts the client is paying for – and deliberately designed not to tell the buyer what they want, but set up to try and force the buyer into the arms of the real estate sales person, whether or not they like your house.  
So you have this elaborate dance – the buyer trying to avoid be snared, the sales person looking to trap the buyer in their web of control, and the outcome, a buyer snared or, a buyer free sans a limb or two.
Imagine what would happen if we provided information in a manner the buyer preferred, using a process they are comfortable with.....

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