Panic - its 30 days in and nothing is happening

Ok, we're a month or 6 weeks into the sales process and it's not sold yet. Now what?

Don't panic! 

Deep breath required.

And another one.

The hardest part of problem solving is actually understanding what the problem is. So lets analyse the situation to understand where the process is breaking down, starting online:

1. Not getting internet views - basically we're not attracting people scanning properties. Things to look at:

  • Internet search criteria - are you using the right suburb, price band, headline?
  • Photo's! Are they attracting the surfers eye? Are they high quality?
  • Description - make sure you have included an address and features (number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc)
  • Highlight the property with an online featured listing

 2. People are looking at the property online - hits/views on trademe, and so forth, but its not translating into inquiry? Check:

  • Description - is there a strong call to action?
  • Is there enough information available for the buyer? Do not rely on them taking the time to call. Add more detail.
  • Photo's - lots of them - add more.
  • Price - we had to say it! What else is available in your area/price range - how does it compare? Be honest.

3. Inquiry is fine, but no physical viewings. Look at:

  • Buyer feedback - why are they not visting?
  • What are the common questions - is there something specific causing the issue?
  • Price - yep you need to look at it - are your expectations turning people off? 

4. Plenty of people have been through the home but zip comes out of it. Ok, now to the physical aspects:

  • Home presentation inside and out - lawns, clutter and so forth
  • Neighbourhood aspects - the noisy dog next door, the car body on the lawn across the road.
  • Check that buyer feedback - what are they saying?
  • Look at those price expectations again - does the physical property live up to the advertised home and the price expected?

5. What else:

  • Other promotional avenues - eg newspaper advertising, can they assist?
  • Open homes - have you been doing those? If not consider doing some.

Don't panic! Be objective in your analysis. Talk to your Agent, get their opinion and expertise appied to the problem.

As much as we would like to sell our house in two seconds flat, this market demands patience.

What do you think? What else should we look at?

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