Open Homes - Be Different, Be Noticed

Marketing a home for sale is all about standing out from the crowd - finding the best way to shine that very bright spotlight on your home. So try something different with your Open Home - rather than competing with every other property on the market Saturday and Sunday, do it differently or do it as well. The whole focus is to attract an audience that you might not otherwise reach:

The Mid-week Open Home
Who says Open Homes only happen on Saturday and Sunday? What about a Wednesday viewing - try a lunch time 12.30pm start time and see what happens. Or if you live in an area with lots of young families try prior to, or just after, school pickup time.

The Twilight Open Home
Drive time is best.  Get those people travelling home from a day at the office. Don’t do it in the dark, so time the viewing to be completed prior to sunset. Obviously winter is not the best for this!

The Neighbourhood Viewing
You will be surprised how often the buyer of a home already lives very close to it - maybe even next door.  At the beginning of the marketing programme for your home consider having an “exclusive” neighbours only viewing. Its a great time to get all the locals around, put some wine and nibbles out and have a social!

The Guerrilla Open Home
The house down the road is having an Open Home, or maybe there are even a couple of homes open. Why not take advantage of any promotion they have done.  Make it obvious to any visitor to the area that your home available for viewing at the same time. Cheeky? Sure. But there’s nothing wrong with it.  It even has a name - Guerilla marketing. Go on, I dare you.

As always make sure you promote the Open Home - even more important when you are doing something out of the ordinary. Its never fun to be staring at yourself for 45 minutes!

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