Location Damn It! - Location, Location, Location...

The three most important words in real estate. Location, location, location.

The number 1 search criteria online is location. The first thing you do is look for where you want your new home.

I do not understand why sellers sometimes choose not to include the address in their online advertising. Always use the property address. Simple.

The main buyer websites are set up to satisfy this basic requirement and include location information on their listings displays. Location is the primary filter search provided, although the filter search for www.realestate.co.nz and Trade Me property are different, including different suburbs and suburb definitions. If an address is provided a pin on a street map is shown on the listing information otherwise it's just a general suburb map. Give the buyer the information they want, every street in a suburb is not the same.

Conveniently the industry website www.realestate.co.nz has taken it a step further - their ‘map view’ capability is brilliant. With that tool buyers can see on a map where all the available properties are located. I always use this and recommended it to buyers who are looking for property. Here's Karori in Wellington:
Location Damn It! - Location, Location, Location...From there the buyer can click down and really search by location:
Location Damn It! - Location, Location, Location...
You are not taking advantage of the tools available from the buyer websites or satisfying the inquisitiveness of buyers if you do not include an address.
Sometimes the example provided by industry professionals is not the best. Here’s an example - Tokoroa had 113 properties for sale when this search was done. But, here is the map search:
Location Damn It! - Location, Location, Location...If you don’t include an address you won’t be on the map search.

Kaitaia a pretty similar story (183 listings total):
Location Damn It! - Location, Location, Location...I assume not including listing addresses is planned. Probably to force interested buyers to call to get that basic information. The assumption being that an interested buyer won’t just pass onto other properties that do provide the information needed to make qualifying decisions.

Old real estate really......

Include the property address. Always. Don’t and you're missing selling opportunities.

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