Like A Bull at a Gate

Doing some old fashioned flyer drops the other day on a day trip exploring the South Waikato area. We were in Mangakino - a little town right next to a fantastic lake on the Waikato River (Lake Maraetai). This is New Zealand, so you can buy a home here for less than $100,000 - if it were anywhere within about 5 days drive of a metropolitan area in the USA you'd be paying 20 times that amount (and more) - and the waterskiing and wakeboarding would not even be close.

But, it's a typical small New Zealand back country town with it's laid back attitude and locals looking after each other. Even the local police office drove by checking on who we were and what we were doing. And like most New Zealand towns these days there was a great cafe - this time in a bus down by the boat ramp.

We were enjoying the day when we popped down one street and literally ran into a bull at a gate:Like A Bull at a Gate

Not only a great security system (I certainly wasn't going in through the gate!), you don't need a mower for the grass. Of course you have to avoid the cow pats on the way in and out.

If you ever get the chance call in and visit. Mangakino is a great place with your requisite sprinkling of typical New Zealand characters making it all the more interesting. Of course, if you wanted to enjoy that stereotypical country lifestyle and holiday relaxation on a more regular basis, we can probably help you find just the right property too!

Typical small country town New Zealand.

You know, the vast majority of us have absolutely no idea how lucky we are to live here....

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