Let There Be Light

 ....And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, and it was good.

Light is good. Light in your home is even better - lacking light the earth was without form and void, full of darkness. Think of your home in the same way. Buyers will reward you for a home that is light, bright, and airy. They will penalise you for a home that appears formless, without substance, dim and dark.

The equation is simple, put money in your pocket by allowing light into your home.

So, let's take that buyer coin and place it straight into your wallet with some simple actions.

Start outside.

Survey your property. Look at your windows - any trees, shrubs, or bushes that encroach or cover a window in anyway prevent light from entering. Get those shears out and prune. You will be amazed what thinning them out, or even removing them, will do for the brightness inside. That's without even mentioning the improvement in weathertightness you will likely gain as well!

Believe it or not there is a window here. Somewhere, behind the leaves and branches, of that I am sure (I think). 

If you are not comfortable taking care of them yourself get a gardening contractor to look at them. Be brutal. If they are at the front of the house they are probably detracting from the street-view of the property as well. Get rid of them completely if possible. If not trim them right back. Now don't forget if they have been begging attention for some years a house wash to remove mould and maybe even touch-up painting will be required.

Move inside.

You know those curtains you spent a fortune on? The big heavy drapes. The ones that frame that picture window magnificantly. The ones you love to pull over the windows in the front living room in the winter when you snuggle up in front of the fire. Take 'em down. Now. They are doing a just fantastic job of absorbing all that money carrying light trying to flood into your lounge.

Light is money. If it covers the window it imprisons the light, it costs you money.

Next. Net curtains.

Don't, ever, on pain of whatever you view as excruciatingly painful, leave those net curtains up. Shred them, burn them, stomp on them, use them as cat litter - just get rid of them! The single exception, the isolated case, would be the bathroom and only if you do not have frosted glass. We do have rules you know...

One more. The walls.

Check the colour of the walls - the paint or wallpaper. Do you have dark, light absorbing colours? If so think about a more reflective finish. Lighten it up with neutral colours, some creams, maybe an off-white. The idea is to brighten the home, reflect the light to make the home airy. Use a feature colour wall if you must, just make sure any wall that receives direct sunlight reflects it for maximum effect.

Remember - light is bright. Light is airy. Light is good. Light is money in your pocket.

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