Just call us

Its fun doing new and innovative things.

Its fun changing the dynamics of a moribund industry.

Its even more fun seeing that industry scrambling to understand how a maverick company is altering what they have held sacred for so long.

So, real estate agents out there, can we stop the:

  • 'Pop-quiz' technical questions - or please be a little more creative than "I want to buy a property for my 10 year old son"?
  • Phone calls masquerading as a property seller - here's a hint, agents do not talk like real sellers.
  • Disguised or specifically setup email addresses - you know its relatively easy to tell, don't you?
  • Property search - checking out your own listings on our site is pretty obvious.

We are happy to talk to you. If you want to know what we do, how we do it, why we think sales people are not really needed, and more importantly from your perspective the role of the agent going forward - just pick up the phone and call us (on your nickel of course).  Tell us who you are and have a chat.

Lets drop the subterfuge.

We're happy to be in the open, we're proud of what we are doing and we love sharing it - believe it or not, even with you....

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