How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Ok, you want to get sold. Now. Immediately. Without delay.

Here’s what you do.

Make sure the property is ready for sale.  Get it ship shape before you go to market.  The more work a purchaser perceives they have to do the longer it will take them to make a decision and the less of them there are. It can be hard for a buyer to connect the dots between what they are seeing in front of them and what it could be.
Expecting them to guess what a property will look like after you have cleaned it up will not help your speed of sale!

Make sure your promotion plan organised up front. Hit the ground running. Hit it ready. Don’t “slip” onto the market in the hurry to get out there. Launch on the market with a bang with everything coordinated and ready. Have your photos done (the good ones!), decide who your target buyer is and ensure the description is directed to him/her, organise the online promotion (featured listings) and the offline promotion (flyers, newspaper adverts etc) before you launch. Coordinate the promotional launch with the offline activities like Open Homes.

Buyers need information to make decisions. Have all the information a purchaser needs to make a decision available. The more data the purchaser has to gather themselves, the longer it is going to take. The LIM from your local council, title information from your lawyer (or online), and if a builders report is relevant get it done up front.

Price your home competitively.  A sharper price will sell your property faster. Make sure you are in the market, not just on the market. What does that mean? If a home is over-priced all it will do is help those properties that are well priced get sold, acting as price validation for the other property. Price the property to sell. And you will get a better price if you have organised the presentation, the promotion, and the information - that is the trade off. You can pretty much fix anything with a property by dropping the price!

Expectations. Make sure your expectations of what a “fast sale” means are in line with the market. No one can create buyers if they are just not there. The more standard the property the more buyers there are. The larger the town/city, the more buyers there. In those situations the shorter your expectations can be. Selling a solid brick and tile 3 bedroom home in central Auckland - pretty short. On the other hand, selling a lifestyle block in rural Northland - patience is a good thing!

So, how do you do it?

You plan.

You get organised.

You get realistic.

You get sold quick!

4 Comments on “How to Sell Your Home Quickly”

  • Greg Hahn said:

    This site is misleading and quotes statements that are not in line with Real Estate Act set out by the REAA.

    Nor can you be a Licensed Real Estate Professional and do this "on the Side".

    Posted 19 th June, 2012
  • Grant Wakelin (Author) said:

    Hi Greg

    From my perspective it is quite simple - the assertions you make are wrong in fact and purpose.

    I think it’s important for full disclosure here. Upon checking it appears you have been a licensed real estate sales person with a traditional agency and that you now own a website that is in the business of generating leads for traditional real estate sales people. In other words you compete with us.

    Very shortly after the comment was made I sent an email to you asking for clarification and amplification on the “issues” you raised. I have not had any response to that.

    200 Square is fully compliant with the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. It is not a business we are doing “on the side” - this is a serious proposition we are committed to 100% of the time! Our goal is to change the traditional real estate industry being totally focused on clients, providing great service, at a fair cost to property sellers.

    It is a compliment that competitors like yourself are concerned enough to take the time to try and spread misleading information about us.

    Posted 21 st June, 2012
  • albertt said:

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    Posted 22 nd March, 2013
  • ---BES---Annie Ahitapu said:

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    Posted 19 th July, 2016

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