Elbow Grease

Its time for some elbow work. Scrub, vacuum, dust and polish. Spray and clean the grout lines around tiles with Janola.  Replace the wonky and tired toilet seat - fresh and shiny white is good.

Wash or dryclean curtains, remove them if they are not needed or cover a great view.
Make up the beds and style them to look like the ones in the shops! Buy a new set of towels to hang in the bathroom for the photos. Put them out again when your open house is on.
Get your sofas and other soft furnishings shampooed so everything smells great.
From now on, keep the house spotless  by ‘cleaning as you go’. Yes this sounds like a pain and a bit of an effort – but remember the objective is to sell fast.
Cleaning out the Cupboards
Buyers will 'sneak peak' around your cupboards, pantry and closets. Make sure yours are up to inspection:
  • Rid your cupboards of clutter
  • Throw away, give-away or sell anything you no longer love or need. Pack up what you can do without for the next little while
  • Scrub shelves and draws out and put back only what you need for the short term.
  • Pack up out of season clothes and throw away old shoes.  
Follow this process with every room in your house – don’t forget the laundry, the garden shed and the garage! There are no sacred blokes spaces (or chicks for that matter) in a show home or a bedroom doubling as a storage cupboard.
Think show home tidy and sparse!
The more space in your cupboards and closets the better when it comes to showing your home.

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