Being Chicken Little

Chicken Little was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on her head.  
It scared her so much she trembled all over.  
She shook so hard, half her feathers fell out.
"Help! Help! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

The sale & purchase agreement is signed, you love the price, happy with the buyer - everything is sweet. You are busy planning the move, buying the new house, organising schools, doing all the positive things. 

Then you get a call or an email - there is a problem with the builders report, in the LIM or something else. It’s major, it’s bad, the deal is going to fall-over, you’ll have to start again, the market has tanked, the buyer is just making it up - the house is fine, they’re being dishonest, the house is about to fall down, we’re ruined......


Deep breath.  And again.

It’s only an acorn. Yes, an acorn. Now is the time to bring the courage Chicken Little was lacking to the fore. And you will.

Step 1 - Understand the issue - and this is the most important step. Chicken Little panicked because she did not even attempt to understand what had happened. Gather the facts.  What has actually happened?  What do you know and what do you not know?  Where else do you need to go to gather the information you don’t know. Talk to your advisors (your lawyer, your agent etc). Take your time.

Step 2 - Determine what you are going to do . Fix the problem yes/no?  Highlight the fact that there is no issue (maybe the buyer is Henny Penny and just reacting to information without pausing to understand and interpret for themselves). Alter the terms of the sale & purchase agreement?  Do something else? Look at all the options, write them down, be analytical and objective. Choose the best.

Step 3 - Carry out the plan.

Most of all don't be a Chicken Little. Don't be afraid. The sky is not falling.

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