A Home for the Practical Chef

25 Woodward Street is home to professional couple, Louise and her partner, along with one and a half others. The 'others' made up of a totally gorgeous, hugely energetic toddler and a partially “baked” new addition to the family. 

Louise loves the location of her home, it's just 10 minutes walk from town, which is great for events in town at Riverside Park or the Tongariro Domain. Of course being so close to town there are the bars, restaurants and clubs as well. Access is easy, just across the famous Control Gate bridge over the mighty Waikato river.

When Louise is not working the kitchen is her favorite haunt.  Maybe a MasterChef in the making?  She loves that it's separate from the living areas, so she can cook and entertain guests when they sit on the bay window seat in the kitchen.  You are not going to leave this chef out of the conversation.  However, Louise says what she really likes is that “once the cooking is done for the evening you can shut the door and save heating and hide mess if you can't be bothered tidying up”. Now that really sounds like a practical Master Chef!

What is interesting for Louise is how the home has adapted as her lifestyle has changed over time – she originally purchased the home and moved in with 3 flat mates, that evolved into becoming a professional couple, which has now progressed to including 1.5 kids (the half really matters!).

With the expanding family Louise wants to move into her desired school zone and gain some more land for the kids to enjoy.

Lifestyle, location, and adaptability, the opportunity now exists for someone else to call 25 Woodward Street home.

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