Your baby is Ugly!

Everyone thinks their babies are the most beautiful on the planet (well second only to Brad and Angie’s anyway).  
I always thought mine showed a close resemblance to Yoda when they first arrived, but that’s another story (I think they’re beautiful now!).
But having someone say - “your baby is UGLY” is likely to evoke a pretty negative visceral reaction in most people.
Well, when selling your home, the purchaser is going to call your baby ugly at some point - and guess what, that’s a good thing.  Let the negotiations begin.  So get ready beforehand, because one of the most humourous aspects of selling a property is that point when the purchaser all of sudden can’t stand your house, but for some reason feels a deep moral obligation to make an offer anyway.  They turn from loving your property to doing you a favour by taking the godforsaken dump off your hands, at a price commensurate of course!
If you are using an agent, all of a sudden the market is slowing, or there are other, better, cheaper properties coming onto the market.  The third bedroom is really small, or the purchaser actually likes another property better but will buy this before the other one is auctioned next week and so on.
Of course you have prepared yourself and don’t react from the gut, you know to stay unemotional and objective, you have your facts, you know the benefits of the property.  You know the signs, you know calling your property ugly really means “I want this place, lets talk it down so I get it as cheap as possible”.
You know by avoiding the emotional reaction you have started the negotiations on the right footing.
Of course if it helps - just think their baby probably looked like Jabba the Hutt.

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