Running an Open Home

So you're going to run your own Open Home - good on you!  Its simple and straightforward.

Have a plan for how you want people to view the home.  After you have welcomed your viewers suggest they follow that path - "good morning, the lounge is on the left, with the kitchen just behind it".  We are fans of showing your best first, so blow people away up front.  If you have a key feature, for example, a view from the lounge direct visitors there first, and get them to finish there.

The purpose of the open home is to allow interested buyers to get a look and feel for the property - don't pressure them too much at this stage. They are probably used to some pressure from other open homes and will be on guard - so be different and give them space to relax in the home.

Some things to remember:

  • It is your home
  • You remain in control at all times
  • Visitors are responsible for their children
  • You will hear comments that are not entirely complimentary - try not to take them to heart
  • Listen for comments that will help you understand (and therefore address) potential buyer issues
  • If you are not comfortable with the visitor, do not let them in.
  • For your own peace of mind lock away special documents, jewelry, or other items. 
  • Remove your vehicles from the garage and driveway and keep your spare keys and wallets locked away.
  • Its ok for you to ask who they are and where they are from - and to expect an honest response.
Greet your prospective buyers outside if possible. Take registration details of any cars that arrive if you can. It can be useful to have a friend also on site during the open home as an extra security presence for you. If you don't feel comfortable or safe with a visitor, trust that instinct, and don't allow them in. 
The idea is to get the viewer to relax and feel comfortable in the home. Don't oversell but monitor what they do while giving them space. Let your home sell itself. We encourage our clients to not try and answer buyer questions, but to allow the buyer to consider the property and ask any important questions through the 200 Square Q&A system so that a record is kept.

6 Comments on “Running an Open Home”

  • Margaret Savage said:

    Thank you Grant - will greet them with my sunday best smile! M

    Posted 18 th February, 2012
  • Bruce & Robyn said:

    Thankyou.WE certainly do hope Lucilla just LOVES all its good points !!
    Bruce & Robyn

    Posted 29 th November, 2012
  • Judi and Micky McGreevy said:

    Thank you Grant and David for the tips, we will be the hosts with the most!

    Posted 11 th March, 2013
  • Denise Randall said:

    Hi Grant
    Taking this advice on board

    Posted 5 th March, 2014
  • Julie-Ann Jones said:

    Can't believe that first open home has attracted interest already.My last house sold with a week. I know how to pick them.

    Posted 16 th February, 2015
  • minn Leng kit said:

    Thank you Grant
    We will follow the tip and hope for the best.

    Posted 8 th September, 2016

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