Pregnant Negotiating

We were selling our house a few years ago and had been negotiating through agents with a difficult purchaser - by difficult I mean that each time we thought a deal was done he would bring up more issues and try and gain extra things.  He had the agents running around in ever decreasing circles and was completely frustrating us.  
Well we got to the end of our rope and said - “that’s it, if you want it take it, otherwise we’re done”.  He couldn’t just accept it - he had to take the weekend to review the situation (we knew he had already decided he would buy, he just wanted to prove he could take the time he wanted).
Over the weekend we got a call from another person who had viewed the property.  She could not get hold of any agents and decided to call us directly.  She was heavily pregnant with her second child.  Remember the advice is not to be emotional when negotiating.  
Now try telling a pregnant woman not to get emotional - well, just try it, I dare you!  I'll sell the tickets - LOL.
She arrived somewhat later, heaved herself out of her car, it was the middle of summer and the internal furnace she was carrying made it even hotter.  She was uncomfortable but she was focused.  Her negotiating strategy was simple - “I couldn’t get hold of anyone, I want this house, what do I have to pay and do to buy it!”.  Needless to say we sorted out the details and the deal was signed there and then.  Tears of joy and relief all round (literally).
The agents came back to work on Monday to be told the deal was all done and the original purchaser gleefully informed he had missed out.  The agents were happy (they got paid their commission), the lady was ecstatic (she could nest), we were relieved (sold and moving), the only one upset was the original buyer who had been too smart by half!
Avoid getting emotional - focus on the goal - to sell or buy the property.  Trying to prove you are a better negotiator is only feeding your own ego.

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