Why do I need a credit card?

When listing your property with 200 square you need a valid visa or mastercard. Why is that?

We use your credit card for several purposes. We use your credit card to verify identity. We do that for sellers protection. 

Ensuring that a valid credit card exists is done by verifying a temporary transaction against the nominated card. You may find that an amount of $1 is charged to your card by the card processing company and refunded a couple of days later as part of that process. 

As a seller, should you choose any premium marketing we will charge that against your credit card - you will go through a check-out process each time so you will know what is going on. We are going to get your property sold! When we do so you will owe us a commission - we will charge that commission against your credit card, or you can pay via internet banking at the time. 

You can change your credit card details at any stage through altering your account details in the "My Square" tab.

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