What price should I choose?

Ultimately the market determines the value of your property. 

Make sure you have requested your FREE Current Market Appraisal. This is prepared specifically for you, is reflective of current market conditions, and includes recent sales of similar properties. We have not visited your property to do this appraisal, so you can adjust for any unique or additional features that may not be included in council records. 

 A fair market price will see your home sold sooner. It has been shown that pricing too high can lead to you achieving an overall lower result, through "chasing" the market down. 

This is a time to remove those 'rose tinted glasses' and be objective about your property. Be aware there are some things that are NOT relevant in determining a realistic asking price - what you NEED to achieve in order to purchase your next property, or to cover the mortgage, or to cover what you have spent on the property.

We have written an article about this. You can see more here.

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