Reviewing the Offer

Great, you've received an offer. What does that mean?

An offer through 200 square real estate will be on the standard NZ residential sale and purchase agreement - the Auckland District Law Society agreement form.

And it is not just about the price! That, of course, is where many people start and stop.

On the front page, the main sections to review are:

The price and deposit (of course)
The settlement and possession dates - they will normally be one and the same
How the price is to be paid - normally in cleared funds
Conditions eg finance, LIM, and sometimes OIA (overseas investment Act)
You should also check the Further terms of sale - that is where you will see things like a building inspection, solicitors review etc

Now many people ignore all the clauses - from 1-17 that form the main part of the contract. Don't. There are important things to consider in there. 

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