I can't find my property

Type your address into the search box, follow the format 3 Queen Street, Levin (number, street name, suburb, town). As you type you will see our search engine looking for your property. If there are similar addresses around the country a list will be provided. Scroll down until you find your property and click on it to move to the next step. 

If for some reason your property does not show up - send us an email and we will investigate! 

Occasionally multiple units or flats at an address can cause confusion. Try searching without the unit number eg instead of 2/54 Oxford street, search on 54 Oxford and select your unit from the pop-up list. Sometimes the search engine does not like sub-addresses! If you live at Flat 2, 3 Queen Street, Levin - try searching 3 Queen Street, Levin and clicking on the Unit 2 which shows in the results list. 

If your property is on a street corner (intersection) you may have problems finding your property on the search engine. This could be due to your NZ Post address being on one street and your City Council address on the other. Try searching on the other street address. 

If you are still having problems send us an email and we will assist you.

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