How to read your CMA

Your CMA contains quite a bit of information. 

Here is information on what is contained within the document. The first section shows basic information about the property. This is collected from published sources (including local council and title records). We also include our recommendation on the likely selling range for the property in the current market. We have not physically visited your property to develop the appraisal and recommendations these recommendations - for this reason you will find the range is normally not less than 10%. We also include a general market summary or items specific to your location - it is important you understand the broader context of the current real estate market.

The next section displays similar properties in your area currently on the market for sale. This is your competition!

From there we highlight properties that have recently sold that are similar in location, price and features to yours. We will compare the sale prices to Council Valuations to provide you with a reference point.

Local real estate statistics are then provided including on market pricing and how it has changed over time to help you and us understand the dynamics of the local property market over time. 

We then include information on the location.

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