How to buy a property

200 square is a new type of real estate agent. We don't run around in cars, we dont sit in your living room drinking your coffee or wine. But we are there ti hep you every step of the way.

So you have seen a property you love, now what?

You have probably seen the property for sale on the what call the "buy" tab. At the bottom of each listing is a button to ask a question or even make an offer. 

We have heaps of options to contact us - call us, email, txt, online chat, fax (we will dust it off if needed), or even send a snail mail. There are real people behind the technology you can talk to any time. From there we can set up a viewing, find out any questions you need answered, talk about next steps etc

To make an offer, just click the offer button and either follow the process through or forward the details needed to us and we will prepare a draft agreement for you to review.

Some additional detail for you to be aware of.

Like all real estate agents we work for the seller - our job is to be fair to all parties though. You can also see more regarding this with the REAA guides. Check out our section on that or go to

We are a licensed real estate agent - but we work differently in some respects. One important matter for you to be aware of is that we have not physically visited the property. If you have questions or need information we will contact the owner and get them answered for you.

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