Activity Reports

Every week you will receive a summary of the activity that has occurred on your property listing. This is an important tool for you to use in monitoring progress and making informed decisions. use the ool to evaluate your marketing, your advertising, your pricing and presentation.

You can find the activity reports on you listing management centre - that is, click on the "edit" button on the listing tile in MySquare. From there you will see the nice blue "activity" button. That is where you want to be!

What will you see on the activity dashboard?

A graph of the online views for your property. Look at the trend. If it is declining think about some additional advertising or promotion to give it a "kick"

Look for the impact on advertising eg newspapers.

The event feed - this shows you many of the things done on your property every day and every week.

Buyers - look through the list of possible buyers - check status changes

Recent sales and recent listings - that is your competition! How does your house stack up? Are you in the market (that is, priced accurately and competing for the current pool of available buyers) or are you merely "on the market" - and probably just helping other owners ell their homes by proving they are good value.

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