A Cost Effective Trumpocalypse Bolt Hole

Apparently the secret “handshake” of silicon valley monied elite is a bolt hole in New Zealand (NZ), the “wink, wink, say no more” insider whisper according to Reid Hoffman.  Somewhere to escape the chaos and stress that is the Trumpocalypse.

Some have been around for a while, like Julian Robertson and James Cameron, who treat the country as a second home.  Others of course have no intention of doing that.  Some in New Zealand agree, others not as can be seen in the latest being controversy around the granting of citizenship to Peter Thiel.

New Zealand it seems is a great apocalypse insurance policy.  

It's also a great place to live:

  • Physically remote but with a very good telecommunications and technology (read internet) infrastructure.
  • A benign democratic political environment - although, generally liberal in philosophy compared to the USA
  • Proportional representation with multiple political parties means not too much gets done and its really hard for one person or group to dominate.
  • Export orientated and outwardly focused.
  • Good education systems
  • A comfortable climate generally (just don't ask any Wellingtonians about summer)
  • Relatively low crime and good business environment
  • Good transport links (just an overnight flight from the USA West Coast - admittedly a fairly long night)
Talk to most NZers (also known as Kiwi's) and you will get a few more added to the list.  The wonderful thing about NZ is that you don’t have to be super rich to buy property and live well in this South Pacific paradise. 

The US dollar goes a long way down here with $1USD buying around $1.37NZD (New Zealand dollars).

So, if you're not in the Robertson, Cameron or Thiel league but still want that insurance here are some reasonable options for your very own bolt-hole in NZ

What about the top of NZ's South Island?  Beautiful scenery - like a seriously indescribable outlook, great weather, crystal clear water, fresh fish, mussels (shell fish) on and on.  For something less than $500k in greenbacks you could buy 15 Old Coach Road, Havelock, Marlborough Sounds.  

Imagine sitting here for breakfast.  Right by the water but high enough that if Trump's coal and oil fetish increases global warming and sea levels rise somewhat you'll be fine!

Don't want to be by the sea?  How about a fresh water outlook - over the largest lake in the Southern Hemisphere? 

How do you describe Lake Taupo to Americans?  Take Lake Tahoe 50 years ago and you pretty much have Taupo today.  No congestion, beautiful water, stunning views, and all year round adventuring with snow and water skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, shooting and more.  In the centre of the North Island the lake is nearly 1200 feet above sea level, so global warming and sea levels are not going to be issue here! 

1 Kamahi Terrace with its stunning views could be yours for $330,000 USD.  That is not a misprint, you can buy this home at a price that's way less than the median house price in California.

When you think of California you think wine, of course.  NZ has some pretty spectacular wine country too and its not all Sauvignon Blanc either.  Hawke Bay, on NZ's east coast is know for two things - Art Deco architecture and wine.  What about 57 Greenwood Road, Havelock North - just off Te Mata Peak Road at the southern end of the Bay?  

An English Tudor style home, nestled in trees and we are again below $500,000 USD for this one.  Enjoy a good nights sleep before you head off on a wine tour.  Or for the more energetic ride up Te Mata Peak - a stunning vista over the Bay.  Enjoy a coffee in the village - in many respects just like Napa or Sonoma without the traffic and attitude.

NZ is very diverse, with a gentle climate that because of its geographical length changes from sub-tropical to a cool "temperate" climate way down south (read snow and cold in the Winter).  

We want the warm, so why not head up to the subtropical winterless North of NZ and live at 4 Papaka Road, which is in Ngunguru on the Tutukaka Coast - on sale for less than $650k - and we'd probably organise a discount if you can actually pronounce the location!  Right by the water on the estuary - you get the picture in NZ you are never too far away from the water.  You will likely want to enjoy the boat here - there is so much to explore.  By the way, those fancy, huge, floating monstrosities wont fit here, this is NZ - where someone said there are more boats than people.  Real boats and real people.

Now, to be fair, this home is right down by the water, so if those greenhouse gases get away with things you might need a canoe from the second level...

There are plenty more options available, of course.  Just let us know what you need.

Buying property in NZ is easy and straight forward.  It is a friendly legal environment for USA citizens (there are some classes of protected land, but pretty minimal when it is not productive land).  NZ is a tourist destination, so even if you're not using it all year around there are options for extra income.  And its not just a Trumpocalpyse protection either.  Buy a home for that and then come and experience the country - once you get over how clean the air is when you step out of the plane, meet the people, and see some of the sites, you will not want to leave.  And we haven't even mentioned Hobbits.

Which is why our thoughts on another option for Trumpocalypse insurance is not so attractive.  After all, if people banded together and bought The Donald a South Pacific White House to get him out of the USA, we're pretty sure the people of NZ would object.  We also don't think there is enough gold leaf in the country to handle the fit out... 

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