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The 7 Things Buyers Absolutely Hate About Your House Advertising

We highlight the 7 things buyers absolutely hate about your house advertising so that you can avoid those mistakes.

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Most Recent article: A Cost Effective Trumpocalypse Bolt Hole 7 th February, 2017, by Grant Wakelin.

Apparently the secret “handshake” of silicon valley monied elite is a bolt hole in New Zealand (NZ), the “wink, wink, say no more” insider whisper according to Reid Hoffman.  Somewhere to escape the chaos and stress that is the Trumpocalypse.
Some have been around for...

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The Scourge of Meth and Your Home

28 th November, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

We look behind the hype and headlines at the potential impact of Meth on your property.

The Nonsensical Logic Of Real Estate Commissions

25 th September, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

The Perplexing Conundrum of why real estate commissions remain calculated the way they are...

Get Spring Show Home Ready to Sell

30 th August, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

Spring is here - here is how to get ready to stand out during the peak Spring real estate selling season

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

6 th April, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

We look at a survey that asks what are the biggest mistakes home owners can make.

ComCom vs Real Estate - What Does it Mean?

31 st December, 2015, by Grant Wakelin.

The Commerce Commission has filed a case alleging price fixing and anticompetitive behaviour against prominent traditional real estate firms. What odes it mean?

An Open Letter to Colleen Milne, CEO Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

17 th December, 2015, by Grant Wakelin.

An Open Letter to the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of NZ regarding the Commerce Commission proceedings against leading NZ real estate agencies

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