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The 7 Things Buyers Absolutely Hate About Your House Advertising

We highlight the 7 things buyers absolutely hate about your house advertising so that you can avoid those mistakes.

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Most Recent article: Is Age Catching Up With TradeMe? 9 th March, 2017, by Grant Wakelin.

Ageing is a bitch. 

It affects us all - no matter how much we deny and how hard we try to avoid it.

Over time, a stiff back, sore knees, arthritis, maybe a blocked artery and lets not even talk about 3am bathroom visits.  Living a less than perfect life makes it even worse.

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7 th February, 2017, by Grant Wakelin.

You don't have to be Uber rich to have an escape bolt-hole in New Zealand. Here are some cost effective Trumpocalypse bolt holes to consider

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30 th August, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

Spring is here - here is how to get ready to stand out during the peak Spring real estate selling season

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

6 th April, 2016, by Grant Wakelin.

We look at a survey that asks what are the biggest mistakes home owners can make.

ComCom vs Real Estate - What Does it Mean?

31 st December, 2015, by Grant Wakelin.

The Commerce Commission has filed a case alleging price fixing and anticompetitive behaviour against prominent traditional real estate firms. What odes it mean?

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