Our Story

We're an online real estate agent. We do everything that your "old" agent does - only better. Because we're brand-new and designed from the ground up to make the best use of the shiniest technology, we can deliver you better service at a fraction of the cost.

What is 200 Square?

200 Square is a personal agent working directly for you, 100% focused on getting you the best result in the least time. Best of all - there are no vague phone calls or scribbled scraps of paper here. You thought it was a revolution to sell your old stuff on TradeMe in your PJs? Wait till you sell your old house from the sun-soaked deck of your new one!

The Old Agent

Real Estate sales haven't changed significantly in thirty long years. When your agent's tools & techniques were being created, stubbies and the porn-stache were still fashionable!

Real Estate Agents are independent contractors. This means they work for themselves. They spend much of their time trawling for more listings - going door-to-door, dropping pads in your letterbox, and throwing up billboards sporting their smiling faces. It's never really about your house - it's the next one, and the one after that.

There is a better way!

We set out to reinvent how houses are bought and sold.

So we built a team - some veteran agents, clever software engineers, a talented designer, and even a couple of lawyers (nice ones, naturally).

We threw them together, scribbled some notes, filled whiteboards with gibberish and consumed far too much caffeine and red wine (usually not at the same time!)

When we came up for air, we knew the answer:

200 Square

The size of an average New Zealand residential property — but not your average agent when it comes to real estate.